When you get your termite bids from your local companies,and there is one that is way cheaper than the others…….Look out! Always ask what chemical they are using. You should even read the label to find out how may gallons it will take to treat your home. I have been seeing companies walk and measure a home and give them a dollar per ft price no matter the depth of soil they are treating. All chemical has a ratio of gallons per feet. It also always tells you a ratio of how many gallons per foot to the footer to treat. Example…A label will say 4 gallons per 10 foot per foot to grade. So if you have a basement that is 10 foot deep, now the company must treat 4 gallons per 10 foot X’s 10 because the depth of soil is ten feet deep. So a 50 foot wall with no basement will call for 20 gallons. If you have the same wall with 10 foot basement now you must use 200 gallons. Obviously there will be a considerable price difference between the two. So please ask questions before you just take the cheap guy!