Ahhh winter,finally no more bees stinging,spiders biting, ants crawling. Ahhh not that fast, cold months bring on another pest. Mice and rats are very common this time of year. when temperatures drop rodents need to find warmer areas to nest. Also when crops are harvested and the fields are now barerodents need food, so again they try to push their way into our homes. There are simple things to look for to see if these four legged pest are in fact part of your household. Dropping are the easiest way to determine you have a problem. You can look under sinks, around trash cans, pet feeding areas and along walls. Simple ways of deterring a problem include sealing any holes on the exterior of your home, keeping trash cans sealed, and making sure there are no cracks under doors they could get into like garage doors, patio doors etc. If you find you do have a problem be careful how you decide to treat. If you choose baits make sure they are tamper resistiant. The last thing you want is a child or pet eating this stuff. If you do have a pet keep in mind if they get ahold of a rodent that has eaten the bait, it is the same as the pet eating the bait. Traps and sticky traps are pretty safe as long as they arekept out of children’s reach. And of course if you just want to be sure its done right call a professional that you trust.