Below are what some of our friends are saying about our work. Please email us your testimonial and we’ll add it here.

  • “I was so embarrassed when i let a small roach problem turn into a big roach problem. Bee Gone Pest Control put me at ease. They didn’t judge me, or frown on me or even make me feel bad for what i had let happen. They simply came in and took care of it. In just a few treatments my problem was gone.Mark was professional and personal, and i would recommend him to anyone! Thank Bee Gone! “
    Gary -

  • “I thought that Mark was very knowledgeable. He was able to find the source of my problem, and fix it. He was very nice and I felt like he really cared and wasn’t trying to just get to his next call. I would recommend him to anyone!!”
    Tim -

  • “I live in an apartment complex that has a very lax attitude about spraying for bugs. Unfortunately for me, I live in a basement apartment and the spiders seem to have moved in with me. I was referred to Mark by a friend – he was great! He eradicated the spiders at a price I could afford. I would recommend him to anyone.”
    Elise -

  • “I hired Mark to spray my home the first day I moved into it. He is trustworthy, dependable and fair priced. He is actually much less expensive than the larger companies and offers that personal touch.”
    Kevin -