We’re excited to announce that we now use the environmentally friendly and very effective thermal remediation system from Temp-Air to eliminate your bed bug problems.

Thermal Remediation is a patented process that uses fresh outside air that is heated and blown into sensitive areas of infestation. Temperatures reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit which is hot enough to kill all stages of bed bugs.

In preparation for using this bed bug treatment personal items that are heat sensitive like some electric devices, medicines, media and more are to be removed from the treatment area.

Some advantages of using this method to eradicate bed bugs include:

  • Heat kills all the life stages from eggs to adults
  • Heat is non-chemical, non-corrosive and non-residual
  • Untreated areas may remain operational
  • Heat allows shorter treatment times, low downtime, and higher productivity
  • No extensive sealing is required
  • Heat is environmentally friendly and cost effective
  • Heat treatments allow the identification of pockets of infestation, enabling post-heat corrective treatment on cracks and crevices.

Not many other pest control companies offer this service. Call us today and we can discuss how this solution will work for you.